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the ad agency should be selling itself with the magic moment. This should be a way to discriminate agencies from no agencies and good agencies from bad agencies. And it should be the grounds on which agencies justify their fees and the fees attached to recruiting the best talent. We are not guaranteeing magic moments. But we are increasingly their likelihood. By More thoughts on advertising’s “magic moment”

The Internet is the world’s largest copy machine. What the Net does is it copies things. When you send a message to anybody else, it’s being copied in between. Take a picture, posting it. It’s being copied all along the way, and so anything that can be copied will be copied on the Internet, and anything that touches the Internet will be copied. That’s what it wants. That’s what it does, and so you have to have an economy based around things other than copies, because copies are so prolific that they’re valueless. They’re worth nothing, so you don’t want to protect them. You want to earn money through generatives and things other than copies—things that are hard to copy. Like immediacy, or authenticity. That’s how you make money. By The Technium |