Fresh snippets for interactive creativity
(by @armandoalves)
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All Things Hair – a partnership between Unilever and Google, masterminded by digital agency, Razorfish. Using data mined from the 7 billion searches for ‘hair’ every year, Google was able to help the company predict hair trends up to three months in advance and then employ popular YouTube bloggers to create relevant content hosted on a dedicated channel. Multiple Unilever hair care brands are featured, with viewers able to one-click-purchase specific products as they please. All Things Hair has received 1,000 new subscriptions every day since its launch and is now the biggest dedicated hair care channel in the world. ‘This isn’t big data’, explained Weed, ‘it’s big insights’. By Do we assess digital creativity all wrong? – Contagious Communications

the ad agency should be selling itself with the magic moment. This should be a way to discriminate agencies from no agencies and good agencies from bad agencies. And it should be the grounds on which agencies justify their fees and the fees attached to recruiting the best talent. We are not guaranteeing magic moments. But we are increasingly their likelihood. By More thoughts on advertising’s “magic moment”